The Nuh-Uh Moment feat. Brandon Messmer

You probably love it when you get a flash of insight that makes a lightbulb appear above your head. But, what about a flash of confusion that shatters your lightbulb into a crystalline dust cloud?

In this episode, Jordan explores the health benefits of chaos. Just as a body requires physical struggle to grow stronger, a mind requires a certain amount of disruption to expand. Many philosophies and theories of mind realize there is a healthy balance to be struck between order and chaos. However, we live in a society increasingly made of order. We want things to be predictable, chartable, and manageable. By all means, Life, please don’t be scary!

This is poppycock. Chaos needs to be embraced for the simple fact that it is real. The alternative is to increasingly live in denial with ever narrower minds and ever harder hearts. It’s time to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Along with new acquaintance Brandon Messmer, Jordan weaves in and out of chaos and order, exposing how we learn new things and the import of doing so. If we all start having more Nuh-Uh moments, we just might become the change we wish to see in the world.

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This episode is chock full of Wisdom Nuggets from the following extraordinary people:

John Kounios

Nicholas Christakis

Joe Rogan

David Axelrod

Van Jones

Amy Wax

Jordan B. Peterson

Quoted material regarding Pruitt-Igoe can be found in Public Housing Policy: Convention Versus Reality (1975) by Eugene Meehan.

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Special thanks to Mad Dog Daffronian for recording sessions at Mikey Mike Slum Studios and to Mallory Willson for making the word “nuh-uh” stick in mind these many years.

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