12: The Exorcism of Jordan Wakefield

Say your prayers little one. In this podcast, Jordan battles demons!

While demons surely make great fodder for podcasting, it is their metaphorical nature that intrigues Jordan the most. We all have internal demons, although we seldom refer to them using such terminology. Demons may strike us in the form of physical ailments, psychological torments, and even separation from oneness with the rest of humanity.

But if these demons, whilst unseen, have real impacts on our lives, can they be defeated using unseen weapons? Can a demon be cast out using the unseen power of imagination? How about meditation or yoga?

Tim Pickerill(http://twitter.com/beardvsevil), of Watchers on the Couch fame(http://www.onyxedgestudios.com/watchers-on-the-couch), joins Jordan to partake in the sacrament and explore these questions deeper. What is the nature of imagination? What is its’ relationship to reality? And why don’t people use the word “EGAD” anymore?

This episode’s wisdom nugget comes from the brilliant psychiatrist, Carl Gustav (C.G.) Jung. Jung’s summation may make Jordan sound a tad less crazy. But be careful, dear listener, because the less crazy Jordan appears, the weirder your world becomes.